I dare you to NEVER GROW UP.

The cast of PLL doing the ice bucket challenge (part 1): Troian Bellisario, Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Keegan Allen, Ian Harding, Sasha Pieterse.


Aria Is A Theory: Episode 5x11 (August 19th/14)


Aria is always so fucking shady, and tonight’s episode was no exception.

First off, what the hell did Aria whisper to Mona during the movie that scared/upset Mona so much that she ran away to cry in the washroom?


What makes it even more strange and shady is that the scene playing on the…

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Led Zeppelin - Going to California

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Dulé Hill takes the #IceBucketChallenge
         ”I nominate Jaleel White, Lamorne Morris, Timothy Omundson, Maggie Lawson, James Roday, Andrew Porteous, and Georgia Maher. That’s right - I’m talking to you @TexasArtChic! I’m doing this for the late Andrene Dipronio, always love to the Gabay family!”

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Celebrities taking part in the ice bucket challenge to raise awareness for ALS.

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